5 Tech Questions that Seniors Should Ask When Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

We are pleased to have Nikki Buckelew back as our guest blogger for today’s post. Nikki has extensive experience working with seniors and is the Founder & CEO of the Senior Real Estate Institute. Enjoy!  If you have not bought or sold a home in a few years (or maybe decades) it is likely that [...]

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The Deal of the Century??

Recently, Freddie Mac published a blog post titled Mortgage Rates: Still the Deal of the Century. They explained that, if you are planning to purchase a home, now may be the time: “If you are in the market to buy a home, today's average mortgage rates are something to celebrate compared to almost any year [...]

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This Advice on Homeownership Hasn’t Changed in 200 Years

Last month, we reported that billionaire John Paulson believes in the financial advantages of homeownership. He has often repeated: "I think, from an individual perspective, the best deal investment you can make is to buy a primary residence that you're the owner-occupier of.” However, he has not been the only billionaire to give such advice. [...]

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There’s No Place Like Home

Last week, we reported on the financial reasons purchasing a home in today’s market makes sense. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University performs a study every year surveying participants for the reasons that American’s feel are most important in regards to homeownership. The top 4 reasons to own a home cited by [...]

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