Equity Matters A LOT… Just Ask Freddie Mac

There are many reasons, both financial and non-financial, that homeownership remains an important part of the American Dream. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that it helps build family wealth. Recently, Freddie Mac wrote about the power of home equity. They explained: “In the simplest terms, equity is the difference between how much [...]

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Singles Are Falling For Their Dream Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights:  24% of all recent home buyers were single at the time of purchase 47% of single men cite the desire to own a home of their own as the primary reason to buy 18% of first-time buyers were single women

How to Get the Most Money from the Sale of Your House

Every homeowner wants to make sure they maximize the financial reward when selling their home. But, how do you guarantee that you receive maximum value for your house? Here are two keys to insuring you get the highest price possible. 1. Price it a LITTLE LOW This may seem counterintuitive. However, let’s look at this [...]

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Selling Your Home? The Importance of Using a Real Estate Professional

When a homeowner decides to sell their house, they obviously want the best possible price with the least amount of hassles. However, for the vast majority of sellers, the most important result is to actually get the home sold. In order to accomplish all three goals, a seller should realize the importance of using a [...]

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Why You Should Sell Now… Before Winter Hits

People across the country are beginning to think about what their life will look like next year. It happens every Fall. We ponder whether we should relocate to a different part of the country to find better year-round weather or perhaps move across the state for better job opportunities. Homeowners in this situation must consider [...]

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