American Dream of Homeownership Still Very Much Alive

In a recent post, Trulia examined whether homeownership was again being seen by adults in the US as a “part of their personal American Dream.” Over the last five years: The percentage of U.S. adults who believe homeownership is part of their American Dream increased from 70% to 75% The percentage of 18-34 Year-olds who believe [...]

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Get Ready to Negotiate!

Now that the market has showed signs of recovery, some sellers may be tempted to try and sell their home on their own (FSBO) without using the services of a real estate professional. Real estate agents are trained and experienced in negotiation. In most cases, the seller is not. The seller must realize their ability [...]

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Don’t Let Rising Rents Trap You!

There are many benefits to homeownership. One of the top ones is being able to protect yourself from rising rents and lock in your housing cost for the life of your mortgage. Don’t Become Trapped Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist at recently reported on what he calls a “Rental Affordability Crisis”. He warns that, “Low [...]

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