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Gillian Cunningham, Residential Real Estate SpecialistMy interest in real estate emerged in the late-90s when I started entertaining the thought of real estate investing. After purchasing two properties in 2001 through a trusted real estate broker and mortgage broker, I found myself in a precarious situation in which I had been taken advantage of. This experience left me somewhat disillusioned and embarrassed. I was embarrassed because I was an educated woman who had purchased property before but not realizing that there was so much that I didn’t know. I thought, “WOW” if this happened to me, what’s happening to other people. From that moment on, I vowed to do everything in my power to be an advocate for my clients, to educate them to make informed home buying and selling decisions.

I obtained my Realtor’s license in 2002 and began practicing real estate. Each time I helped an individual or family, my passion grew. At the time, I was working full-time in software sales and part-time in real estate but I was determined to empower individuals to make wise decisions and achieve their real estate goals.

In 2005, after obtaining my Broker’s license, I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world behind. I opened a boutique agency, Gillian Cunningham Realty Group, which I operated for four years until the economic downturn took its toll on the industry. From 2009 to 2015, I provided client services as a Broker Associate with two other real estate firms.

In 2016, I made the move back to independent and relaunched, Gillian Cunningham Realty Group. My team and I are ecstatic to be able to offer clients the same great service and real estate experience we’ve provided over the years All designed with the client in mind.

In serving my clients, I take great pride in my strong work ethic, negotiation skills and commitment to excellent customer service. My mission is to provide clients with enough information to make their next move their best move.

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Alicia Shahsavari
Alicia Shahsavari

Where do I begin? I met Gillian over a year ago when I decided to start my journey in becoming a homeowner. I had no idea what the process truly entailed. I remember laughing at myself after I sat through her buyers workshop and thought “wow, there’s no way I could ever own a home alone!” I thought I could just go out pick any home I wanted and pay it off in no time. That just goes to show you how little I knew about owning a home.
I was blown away by Gillian’s professionalism, kind heart, expertise & overall great personality.
Gillian taught me about all the financing, loans, bills, equity, pros/cons, and the reality of it all. She gave me clarification as many times as I needed (trust me there were many). Several times I was so excited to view a home & Gillian refused to show me the home so I wouldn’t get my hopes up because 1)it was way out of my budget 2) I didn’t have my down payment together yet. She was patient and nurturing. Guided me on the best ways to save/budget and to begin the process in advance (since it takes time) but slowly, to be realistic and open minded. She wasn’t one of those pushy sales women who just want their share. She was patient, kind, knowledgeable, genuine, fair and very informative all along. When I was finally ready to go out and look she showed me some great options and really met my needs as far as budget, location, and style. Some homes were a bit sketchy that I found on Zillow, but she was honest about my safety & like a mother told me this would not be best fit for me. Plenty more examples of Gillian being a caring human and not just a real estate agent!!
She helped resolve conflicts throughout the process. Negotiated well. And had a professional, classy and expert style to her! Gillian was with me from start to close! Literally! She was by my side and it made me feel so at ease. Especially this being my first time buying a home coming straight out of mom and dads house. Any questions I had were always addressed in a timely manner, and with a lot of care/thought. Gillian has become like family. She treated me like her own all throughout & for that I am forever grateful. I trust her and will definitely use her forever! I highly recommend Gillian if you’re looking to buy a home and just need a great mentor by your side. Someone who will go out of their job description because they genuinely care. Who will put themselves in your shoes and offer personal advice in any given scenario.
Thank you Gillian for making this first experience, the best experience ever & going above and beyond to please your clients!! You are truly a great agent, mentor, and overall a caring human! You will forever be a reason for my happiness, not just in my home, but in my life. ♥️

Kathy & Joe Pappalardo
Kathy & Joe Pappalardo
Out of State Investors

My husband and I have been working with Gillian for about 5 years. We own a town home out of state and she has always gone above and beyond to help us with whatever need we have had come up in having it rented or needing help with repairs. She is very professional and we will continue to use Gillian for our future real estate needs. (The Colony, TX)

Chris Forsyth
Chris Forsyth

Gillian is absolutely awesome! She answered questions as they arose. She has a great eye for quality, and knows many caveats within purchasing. She will guide you if you are unsure, and explain as necessary. Gillian is very committed. (Plano, TX)

Tony & Linda Austin
Tony & Linda Austin

We had a wonderful experience working with Gillian. We were new to the state of Texas and were not the least bit familiar with the area. She provided us with information on each surrounding city and drive time to and from our places of employment. She was very knowledgeable of the whole metro Frisco/Dallas area. I would highly recommend her. (Frisco, TX)

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