Controlling Mold

Controlling Mold

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Mold, a fungal growth, is commonly found in buildings and homes. It grows in places with a lot of moisture that can be caused by flooding or leaks. Although there is always some mold in the environment, studies have been done that have linked mold exposure to certain health problems. People regularly exposed to mold were shown to be at risk for upper respiratory infections asthma exacerbation, and allergies. To reduce potential adverse health issues, it is recommended for homeowners learn to identify, control, and prevent mold growth as much as possible.

If you’ve never experienced problems with mold in your home, that is a good thing, but you should still be prepared.

Address leaks and water damage

Address leaks and water damage— By eliminating the source of moisture you will reduce the potential for mold. Promptly fix any leaks in your roof, pipes, windows, and other fixtures as soon as you recognize them.

Control humidity

Control humidity levels—During humid months, check that the humidity level stays between 30 and 50%. Use an air conditioning unit, dehumidifier, or open the windows to circulate air throughout the house.

Ventilate rooms

Ventilate rooms—Use exhaust fans in the bathroom after showers and in the kitchen when cooking to vent moisture outside the home. Regularly clean your dryer vent. You can use air purifiers to control the spread of airborne mold particles.

Prevent condensation build-up

Prevent condensation build-up by installing extra insulation on pipes, water tanks, floors, walls, ceilings, and windows. Wipe down the tile after showers and promptly dry all laundry. Clean gutters in spring and fall, and purchase a sump pump or vapor barriers, as needed, for your basement.

Practicing preventative measures is always the best offense; however, ridding your home of mold can be challenging. These measures can help you prevent and control the growth and spread of mold that could create an unhealthy environment. If you find that mold in your home is too extensive to deal with or is a threat to your health, strongly consider hiring a mold remediation specialist. Otherwise, the best way to cope with it is to get it under control as soon as you detect it.

Source: HomeKeepr

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