Tips for Creating a Home Office

Tips for Creating a Home Office

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A large percentage of the workforce now is working from home. A devoted area that is free from personal distractions such as family and pets is necessary to concentrate on work tasks. If you want to create space in your home for an office but can’t afford an elaborate renovation, think about converting a spare room or corner of the house with these practical modifications.

Choose a room

Choose a room—Decide which room or corner of one will make the best office space. Choose one with a window if you enjoy looking out but check that it is free from outdoor noise.

Clean and Declutter

Clean out and declutter—Keep only the items you will use in your office. Paint the room a color that suits your mood. Decide on a hard floor or carpet.
Place Furniture convenient to outlets—Consider placing important equipment such as lamps, TVs, computers, and printers near electrical sources for easy plug-in. Make sure you have access to cable and internet connections. Invest in fast, reliable service. Buy a WiFi extender if you need to increase the network signal.

Choose furniture

Choose your Furniture and accessories—Decide what you need to make your office function, such as a phone, computer, printer, filing cabinet, etc. Measure the size of a desk, bookshelves, and other items to ascertain the proper fit. Buy only the size you need for the equipment you have. Start with a big piece so you have room to maneuver it and put it together if needed. Buy an ergonomic chair to support your back during long hours of sitting.

Make it yours

Hang wall décor—Hanging whiteboards, bulletin boards, family pictures, certificates, awards, and motivational quotes will help organize your office and make you feel good. Hang and display artwork that reflects your style, personality, and interests.

Promote a healthy environment

Promote health and energy efficiency—Add plants for a healthy work environment and purchase an electronic thermostat to control temperature output.
Try it on for size—Make sure you are comfortable with your arrangement and that all electronics function properly. Sit at your desk for a while and make any necessary changes before you start work.

If your home is your castle, your home office is a big part of that. Design it with attention to the comfort and functionality needed to get down to business. With these suggestions for change, you can convert a residential room or area into a productive office domain.

Source: HomeKeepr

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