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When they say that SW Florida is like living in ” Paradise” it really is true. We have lived in many locations across the country and there is no where that compares to SW Florida! Cape Coral sits perfectly located between Fort Myers Florida and Punta Gorda on the West coast of Florida. We are surrounded by water. This area is known for its 400 miles of waterways. If you love boating, this is the paradise for you!You don’t have to own a home on the water to live in Sanibel. In fact there are several to choose from in walking distance to the beaches. Although it is important to know that Sanibel’s primier life style will still cost a bit more than the surrounding areas. If cost is a factor, the island and beaches are availble to tourists and those living in surrounding areas. The cost of the Sanibel causeway toll is $6. Some beaches are exclusively for residence and others open to the public. Parking is usually hourly. Time to the beach from Fort Myers varies depending on time of the year. Often the drive can be as little as 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on your start location. We are here to help you find the best property to fit your needs.

Gulf access property that is not “direct sail boat access” can range in price due to the time out to the river. Some of our gulf access property are behind the boat lock and some are not. Your journey out to the river can range from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the location of your property. These are good questions to ask us when hunting for the right home for you.

Gulf access with bridges is something you will hear about quit often. A bridge lends itself to a height restriction for your vessel. This is not always a bad thing. Many boats in the area are within the height restriction any way, so it is not a problem. However if you are looking to own a cruiser or a sailboat than this would be a very important consideration for you. Most fishing boats fall below the height requirement naturally, but the bigger the boat, the higher it may stand. Things such as downriggers may need to be adjusted to smoothly pass under the bridges.

Cape Coral also has “Fresh Water Canals.” If you are someone that wishes to have the view of the water, but not the hassle of boating, than this may be right for you? Most of the fresh water canals are not meant for boating purposes. There is a string of small lakes that are navigable as well as the canals leading to them. You should check out the area and the canal system if you are interested in one of these properties.

The Cape Coral maps show clearly fresh water vs. the gulf access water. It is important to know what you are buying and what the benefits are to each individual land type. Be informed! We can help.

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