Look at Your Home Through a Buyer’s Eyes: Making Your To-Do List

Selling your home is one of the most tricky parts of owning a home, really. There are always little projects that you meant to get to and didn’t, and things that probably weren’t perfect, but didn’t bother you enough to fix. You can’t possibly do everything to make your house like new before putting it [...]

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New Home, New Floors! Examining Your Options

Your new house is pretty awesome, otherwise you would never have considered buying it. But, there are some things about it that are a lot more awesome than others. Take, for example, that kitchen floor. You wouldn’t say it’s ugly, but you’ve seen better design harmony in a restaurant trash bin. It’s gotta go. Your [...]

Tips For Self Moving

Self-move means that you take care of packing and coordinating with people who can help you move your things to your new place. Since you have to take care of all these on your own, it can be overwhelming. Below is a list of things you'll need to think about when you're considering self-moving along [...]

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Think Like A Buyer

As a seller, your goal is to sell your home in the soonest possible time at the most favorable price. To achieve this, there are many factors involved. Some of these factors like the home's condition, asking price and marketing strategy are factors that you can control. However there are some other things that influence [...]

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Tax Benefits For When You Sell

When you sell your home, especially at a time when your taxes are due, you could get financial shelter. Thanks to The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, the real estate sector can receive what is considered the best tax shelter through their homes. According to the federal tax law, when you sell your home, you [...]

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