Most real estate agents work for a broker as independent contractors and are 100% commission based. Typically, the commissions are paid at closing by the seller (i.e., owner, builder, bank, etc.) to the broker then distributed to the agent based on either a percentage commission split with the broker or full commission less a transaction fee. This is true even if the agent you are working with has signed a buyer representation agreement with you. However, a real estate transaction can be negotiated any number of ways, and that includes the possibility that the buyer could end up paying some or all of the sales commission.

Since most real estate agents work solely on commission and have expenses and financial obligations just like you, your loyalty is much appreciated. Most agents will respond with a sincere commitment to servicing your needs.

Note: Typical, Seller Closing Costs: $150,000 Property; 6% commission paid on  Sales Price = $9,000 plus title policy, property taxes year-to-date, legal fees and processing fees. These additional fees on average are 2.5 -3% of Sales price or $4500. So, Seller’s Estimated Closing Costs are $13,500. Keep this in mind, when considering the notion of having the Seller additionally pay your closing costs.