Employees may be hesitant to move for all kinds of reasons. Leaving a home can be a difficult thing to do, especially for employees with families. Here are a few of the major relocation challenges your employee may face as they consider their next move.

Their family may struggle with relocation. Partners may need to find a new job and children will need to make new friends. Sometimes employees may be unable or unwilling to move away from family or children, as in the case of shared custody. Supporting your employee with a transition plan can help make the struggles their family faces easier.

Compensation may not be enough. Considering all the factors, your employee may be concerned that their compensation may not be enough to maintain their current lifestyle after they move. This can be due to general cost-of-living increases, the loss of a partner’s income, or a significant change in the cost of education or childcare. It’s important to plan for these changes as you make policy decisions around relocating your employees.

There’s no plan for packing and moving. It can be expensive to hire movers and packers, and moving without professional help can be a monumental task. Employees who do not have support in the packing and moving process may struggle to manage the details alone. Ideally, the moving process should begin 3-6 months ahead of the planned relocation but at least 2 weeks should be allowed to ensure movers can be scheduled.

Finding a new home can be difficult. Identifying the right location in a new city is a hard thing to do. Without support, employees can feel as though they are simply making their best guess. It’s important for employees to feel as though they can identify great housing in an area that fits their needs and lifestyle.

At Gillian Cunningham Realty we want to help you make the relocation process as smooth as possible for your employees. Through our concierge services, we can simplify the process of finding the right place to live while providing integration assistance and streamlining access to movers, nanny services, youth activities, and more. We’re here to help support your employees during their whole relocation, through planning, purchasing, and settling into their new home.

(Article by Gillian Cunningham of Gillian Cunningham Realty Group. For more Real Estate Tips, visit www.GillianCunningham.com/Relocation/Relocation-Resources or AskGillianCunningham on Instagram and Facebook.)