There’s no way around it–relocating for work can be a tough thing to do. When you’ve found that great new hire and you’re asking them to relocate, it’s important to set them up for success. Starting early to develop a relocation plan for a positive experience can be a crucial part of recruiting and retaining great talent.

Even if you haven’t hired a new employee yet, you can get started on a company plan for relocation. If you’re open to bringing in people from outside your local area, being ready with all the details can be the first step in creating a positive experience for your next out-of-town hire.

Your new employee will have questions about where to live, what kind of community they’re going to find when they arrive, as well as, finances and tax implications. With a plan ready, you can build a strong foundation for a good working relationship. This plan should start with identifying a great relocation concierge service, like Gillian Cunningham Realty Group, who can support your employee and your company by handling the many details that come up along the way.

Companies like Gillian Cunningham Realty Group can structure housing trips ahead of your employee’s start date to help your new employee identify a great community that fits their lifestyle. In addition to assisting with the important process of purchasing a new home, Gillian Cunningham Realty Group can provide your new employee with information on area youth activities, school selection, and temporary housing, if needed.

Once onboard, check in with your new hire as they get settled in to see if they need any extra help acclimating to their new community, or better yet, set them up with a mentor. Simply having someone around who can give local recommendations can go a long way toward making new employees feel welcomed into their new workplace. A mentor can also serve as a point person to bring up any questions surrounding the reimbursement process or other more specific details. Keeping the lines of communication open and staying organized can start everyone off on the right foot and help you retain your out-of-town talent for the long haul.

(Article by Gillian Cunningham of Gillian Cunningham Realty Group. For more Real Estate Tips, visit or AskGillianCunningham on Instagram and Facebook.)