A “Pocket Listing” is listing that is not on the MLS. It is a listing promoted to a small pool of interested buyers and promoted directly to other agents/brokers. A pocket listing is more discreet and typically gives both the property owner and potential buyer more transactional flexibility.

Pros & Cons



  • Your highest priority and primary concern is confidentiality and privacy: you absolutely do not wish it to be public knowledge that you are selling your property and that any public marketing is performed or public showings be held.
  • You don’t want to prepare your home for showings, have open houses or really make any effort at all in the process of selling the property. Perhaps you don’t even need to sell, but if someone is willing to pay you a certain price that you’ve already decided on, taking the property as-is, then you will be completely satisfied selling at that price.
  • You believe that marketing and selling your home this way achieves the highest sales price, because buyers who do learn of it believe they’re getting a special inside shot at buying and step up aggressively.
  • No real estate signs, no slow drive-bys, and no random families standing on your lawn staring at your property. The resulting privacy of a pocket listing means you can have your property on the market longer without the discomfort of strangers constantly staring at your property.


  • Confidentiality and privacy limits marketing.  Privacy does have a lot of benefits to the property owner but it may limit the ability to put the property in front of a larger audience which may limit multiple offers and eliminate competitive bidding situations.
  • If you do sell your home “off-MLS” in this market, it’s quite conceivable that you’ll find a buyer who will pay what appears to be a very good price. But there is simply no way to tell if you are getting the best price achievable, or even, by definition, current fair market value.
  • A successfully positioned pocket listing is heavily dependent on the effort of your agent.  Without the benefit of mass advertising and MLS inclusion, your property is dependent on your agent spreading the word to other agents and discussing your property with a smaller pool of buyers.
  • Potential for Fair Housing Violations.  Clients should be aware that choosing to sell their home as a pocket listing with the goal of screening legitimate buyers may result in unintended consequences. Your agent/broker is required to follow local and federal Fair Housing Laws will help you remain impartial in screening buyers.

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Gillian Cunningham
Prestique Realty
McKinney, TX 75070
(469) 269-2754

Gillian Cunningham’s name is synonymous with true professionalism, extraordinary knowledge, exceptional customer service, strong work ethic and high integrity standards. Gillian’s personal approach and no non-sense negotiating skills have landed her as an invaluable asset to her real estate clients. Holding degrees in Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration, Gillian’s eagerness to stay on top of her industry has led her to earn designations as Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative and Accredited Staging Professional.

An avid business-to-business networker, Gillian has been featured in Texas Monthly magazine, Natural Awakenings magazine and Community Impact Newspaper. For the past five (5) consecutive years, Gillian was recognized as a Five Star Real Estate Professional—representing less than 2 percent of Realtors® in the North Texas area.

Gillian’s personal goal is to empower clients to make informed real estate decisions and to grow her community one satisfied family at a time.

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