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Nestled softly between the inter waterways of pine island and the gulf of Mexico is a beautiful retreat. Sanibel thrives on being exclusive to those who love nature and serine wild life. The island of Sanibel offers waterfront homes, beach front homes, luxury condos, as well as beach access homes. Living on Sanibel is living a vacation. Rest in your own backyard pool or take a path leading to the beach, whichever you choose, the luxury and ambiance suites the life style.

You don’t have to own a home on the water to live in Sanibel. In fact there are several to choose from in walking distance to the beaches. Although it is important to know that Sanibel’s primier life style will still cost a bit more than the surrounding areas. If cost is a factor, the island and beaches are availble to tourists and those living in surrounding areas. The cost of the Sanibel causeway toll is $6. Some beaches are exclusively for residence and others open to the public. Parking is usually hourly. Time to the beach from Fort Myers varies depending on time of the year. Often the drive can be as little as 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on your start location. We are here to help you find the best property to fit your needs. Feel free to ask us to explore the options that suite your budget. You can gain access to your own listing book account by clicking Listing book and filling out a short request form.

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