Seller Property Preparation Tips

Thinking about selling your property? Here’s some things to consider: First impressions can make or break the deal. Take a look at the property’s exterior. What does it say? Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, paint the door, purchase a new entry mat. Upon entering the property, what do you see or smell? Spruce up the place. Clean or replace the carpet, if needed. Remove outdated wallpaper.  Update light fixtures. Change faucets fixtures. What about the things you cannot see? Hire an inspector.

Seller Property Showing Tips

So, you are ready to start showing your property. Open your blinds or drapes. Let the sunshine in! Bake some cookies as a sweet treat. The aroma can be inviting. Turn on the lights. Make up the beds. Remove dishes from the sink. Play some soft music.

Seller Contract To Close Tips

You’ve accepted an offer and executed a contract. Now what? Keep your property clean, the appraiser will be coming. Expect the buyer to conduct inspections. Make sure all utilities are turned on.

Seller Moving Tips

Moving Time! Call for moving estimates. Start packing or let the movers pack.